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Results updated!

Now also the year 2017 is available among all results. And that thanks to the magnificent work of Ole Petter Sandvig. Also ”Venues” is updated.

The same time we also opened up the calendar for 2018.

Records updated

Yet again, thanks to the work of mr Ole Petter Sandvig, the record page is updated with all the nordic records and all the records from the different matches.

Record lists updated and 2015 added

Thank to the work of Ole Petter Sandvig all the Nordic Records together with meeting records are updated after the 2015 season. Also the result page is updated with the results 2015 and some new Venues in the Venues list.

Nordic records

Mr Ole Petter Sandvig has now also compiled record lists for both ”Nordic Record” and ”Match/Championship Records”. You will find the lists under ”Nordic records” on the website.

2014 in the results archive

Now also the year 2014 is uploaded in the results archive.

Big update in the results archive

Mr Ole Petter Sandvig has now made a big update in the results archive which is now containing the years 1980-2013(!). Please feel free to browse the results from the Nordic competitions through the years. You’ll find the results archive here.

Nordic Handbook 2013

The new version of the Nordic Handbook is now available on the Website. We have also updated some links to webpages regarding some of the Nordic events 2013.

Welcome to Stockholm!

This weekend the Nordic Congress will be held at Scandic Anglais, Stockholm. There will be many discussions in different matters. The ain theme discussion will be about branding.